Welcome to the Sendstack Delivery API Guide
At Sendstack, we've built the simplest, most affordable, and scalable inter-city delivery APIs.

How it works

Using the APIs, you can select a pick-up day, then include the pick-up and drop-off details. A tracking number and url will be included in the API response. Once payment is confirmed, both the pick-up and drop-off recipients will receive an SMS with tracking details. On the pick-up day, a delivery rider will be assigned to handle delivery.
All delivery requests are handled by our order pooling and routing software that assigns deliveries to a network of independent delivery companies. Currently, delivery bikes are available to pickup packages weighing less than 10kg.

What can I do with the API?

  • Get a delivery price
  • Book a delivery with one pick-up and multiple drop-off locations
  • Fetch all deliveries associated with your API key or for a specific user
  • Track deliveries

How do I get access?

The sandbox is available via: To request an app_secret and app_id, please fill this form:​
The live API is currently in closed beta and open only to invited participants. By requesting access to the sandbox, you will be automatically considered for invitation to use the live API.
Last modified 1yr ago