Pay on Delivery

Describes the pay on delivery feature available on CTRL

Pay on Delivery (POD) is a CTRL feature aimed at facilitating payment upon receipt of goods. This feature should enable a seamless process for users who opt for payment upon delivery, providing coordination between users, riders, and receivers to streamline transactions securely.

To utilize our POD feature, please proceed with the following steps.

Booking Stage:

Delivery Stage:

The bank account details are securely generated via Paystack and sent to the receiver of the goods. The account remains valid for 8 hours.

Payment Confirmation:


  1. Booking Stage: An email is sent to the receiver informing them a POD booking has been made and outlining the POD process

  2. Delivery Stage:

    • Rider's App Notification: Rider receives a notification upon assignment indicating that the delivery requires POD.

  3. Bank Account Creation:

    • Receiver Confirmation: An SMS and email containing the bank account details for payment are sent to the receiver.

  4. Payment Confirmation:

    • Upon successful payment, a confirmation is sent to the user and rider, indicating that the item has been paid for.

  5. Time-Sensitive Notifications:

    • Payment Deadline Alert: Notifications are dispatched to the receiver, rider, and user when there is limited time left before the payment deadline.

    • Payment Failure: Notifications are sent to both the user and rider in case of payment failure, with instructions on how to proceed.

    • Expired Bank Account: Alerts are sent to the user and receiver if the bank account expires before payment is made, with instructions for reactivation or alternative payment methods.

  6. Transaction Summary: After completion, an email or SMS summarizing the transaction details is sent to the user, rider, and receiver for record-keeping purposes.

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